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The Property Success Seminar

Are you worried about the economy post referendum?

Do you want to learn the secrets of how to profit from property investment from two extremely successful, financially independent property  investors?

If so then join us on Wednesday 12th October at The Property Success Seminar!

Eventbrite - The Property Success Seminar

Over the years in property we have been fortunate enough to meet and train many people who have achieved life changing results.

Unfortunately, all too often we also see many people who have attended multiple courses or educational events and gained a lot of information, but are stuck on their next move forward. They may have just started out in property or are further along their journey, but may have hit a plateau and can’t seem to find a way to step up to the next level.

The reality is that even those who have been successful will have been in this position at some point (including ourselves!). However we have learnt how to profit in any market by planning and executing strategies that are current to today’s market. This has been fundamental to us overcoming confusion and overwhelm and achieving focused results.

If you feel you are in this position, or are just starting out on your journey, then our Property Success Seminar is definitely for you, as we will be sharing all this invaluable knowledge with you!

At The Property Success Seminar you will find out and gain an understanding of many strategies as well as learning:

  • How to find out which strategy is right for you based on your individual goals and circumstances. Leave with greater focus and clarity!
  • Which strategies require lots and lots of time (or money) to set up and which are the best (and quickest!) cash-flowing strategies. Plus what strategies can be more passive long term – free up your time while earning good money!
  • How to work out your goals both short and long term, and design your own lifestyle.
  • What experienced successful investors are currently doing in their property business.
  • The current changes in the market and how to overcome these successfully.
  • Why so many people are very knowledge rich but still not getting the results they want and how to not let this be you!
  • The reality behind being successful and what it requires from you as an individual. No ‘hype’ and lengthy sales pitch but clear solid facts and information so you can get clarity and move forward.

The Property Success Seminar is also a great networking opportunity where you can meet other expert property investors and meet our power team,  including our trusted Tax Specialists and Mortgage Brokers, as well as enjoying an evening with like-minded people!

For just £20 you can book now and bring a friend free of charge. Find out how to put what you may have learned already into action, or find out how to get started at The Property Success Seminar!

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Seats are LIMITED at this INVITATION ONLY event.

Eventbrite - The Property Success Seminar

Don’t live with regrets, take action and reap life-changing results for years to come.

Wednesday 12th October from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
The Virgin Active, The Warwickshire Club, Abbey Road, Whitley, Coventry CV3 4BJ