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The benefits of using a Property Manager

An experienced Property Manager can improve your investment and add significant value. We understand that a Property Manager is not for everyone’s investment, but if you are new to property, or looking for a hands free approach then a competent management company is worth the small extra cost.

Here are a few examples on why competent property management is worth that extra cost.

Time efficiency and legal issues
It can take just one troublesome tenant to cause significant, costly legal and financial problems for a landlord. An experienced Property Manager can help prevent any sever legal issues occurring by covering a number of areas and requirements, such as:

  • Safety and maintenance checks
  • Handling security deposits
  • Rent collection
  • Inspections
  • Tenancy supplements & documentation
  • Terminating leases
  • Evictions

Minimal maintenance & repair costs
When maintenance and repair issues are not dealt with as soon as it is needed, it can cause significant damage to the property, affecting the value of your investment. A competent property management company will have a large network of maintenance contacts to ensure any issues are dealt with straight away. Having a trustworthy network of licensed and insured contacts can significantly save on cost, alongside the benefit of competitive quotes.

No-hassle rent collection
The processes you take when collecting rent and dealing with late payments for consistent cash-flow, can determine the success of your investment. Your tenant needs to understand that rental payments are non-negotiable and a good Property Manager acts as a buffer who chases down any missed payments quickly and efficiently.

Increased investment value
An experienced Property Manager will be able to suggest property improvements that will allow you to increase the monthly rent, impact the property maintenance and insurance, and overall reduce costs. While using a competent property management service periodic safety, maintenance and inspection checks will be carried out, therefore adding to the overall value of your investment.

Personal benefits
Having a hands free approach when managing a property can provide many personal benefits, such as:
Less stress – Avoid dealing with any emergencies, bad tenants, chasing rent payments, legal documents and the day-to-day issues and headaches of managing a property.
More freedom – Invest whenever and wherever you want, as there are no restraints to being near to your investments. Additionally, you are also able to go on long vacations or move abroad without having to be available for your tenants to contact.
More time – For many investors, time is more profitable spent in further investment projects and working on your business, rather than managing day-to-day issues of your property investments. Additionally, you also have more personal time to spend with family and friends when you want to.


There are many benefits to using a property management service you can trust. For more information on the service we provide at Embrace Property please call 02476 158177. 

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