Property Sourcing & Investment

Our Investment Property Sourcing Service gives people time to live their lives the way they want and gives them the opportunities to build a substantial pension pot, or to build a substantial passive income in order to be able to live a more comfortable and secure lifestyle.

You may want to use our Sourcing Service as a way into a career as a property investor. However, our service is also ideal for people who:

  Have tried investing themselves and not

    achieved the results they expected and wanted.

  Want to carry on in their chosen careers or with

    their businesses.

•  Want to have a ‘hands off’ passive income.

  Want to build up a substantial Pension Pot.

  Do not want to be a full time Investor but want

   the benefits of sound property investments.


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Our Sourcing Service includes Single Lets for families, Multi-Lets for students or professionals, or properties for temporary accommodation for clients, dependent upon their investment strategy.

By sourcing the ‘right types’ of properties for investment, we can provide potential properties for clients that can give them in excess of 18% return on their investment! This can allow them to make very healthy returns over the years which can replace their income or become a pension pot.

Peter Iwaniszewski, the Managing Director of Embrace, has sourced over 300 properties during the last 10 years, of which he owns a substantial portfolio, successfully managed by the Embrace team.

Embrace’s mission is to help clients become successfull investors, regardless of how busy their lives might be. In the current climate we often find little time to spare and that's where Embrace is here to help.

When sourced at the right price they are turned into high ROI (return on investment) ‘Cash Cows’.

Our Sourcing Service will remove the stress and save you time and money by having us fully manage each stage of the procedure for you.

In brief we offer the following services:

           1. We source the property for YOU, the investor, to purchase.

          2. We put you in contact with our trades team to refurbish the property so that it meets the

              required standard to be rented out.

          3. We provide Full Management and Lettings of your property.

For more information on our service call the office on 024 7509 4040 and ask about securing your place at our next free consultation evenings.