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Introduction To Residential Property

Residential Property Investment is the way forward. We know because we do it day in and day out. Property Investment is an attractive proposition for many people however the horror stories and unknowns often put them off. The Introduction To Residential Property seminar provides you with the knowledge and support you need to prevent you from making them time consuming and costly mistakes.

Some key points during the seminar:

  • The current UK property market
  • How we source high rental demand properties
  • How we make huge returns from property
  • How we protect ourselves from interest rate rises
  • How we legally minimise our Tax (from our tax specialist)
  • An over view of the current mortgage market (from our financial advisers)
  • and much more!


Our introduction to property investing course is a must attend for anyone who is looking to start investing, has already started or wants to increase their knowledge and understanding of the strategies that are out there.

There is a lot information, and to be frank nonsense out there, that can put people off property investment at the first hurdle. At Embrace Property we endeavor to guide, assist and teach the best methods to make this not only a gratifying, but financially rewarding experience.


I really enjoyed the Embrace Cash Flow Seminar as it gave me a great overview on how I can best make money from properties. I am a complete newbie to property and this helped me understand all the different options I have. What is very valuable about this seminar is that it was only a very small group of people and therefore Peter had time to chat to each person individually and discuss their situation in more details. There were also a number of guest speakers so I also had a chance to speak to a mortgage broker about my options. It was a great value for money and definitely worth my travel from London.

Zuzana Voltrova - Goallover Ltd, London

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