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Introduction to Property Investment

Embrace Property

Embrace Property Ltd is a Property investment, Property development and Property Educational  Training company based in Coventry.

I am the Managing Director, my name is Peter Iwaniszewsk. I am 30 years old and I was born and bred here in the city. In the last 6 years I have purchased over 100 properties in this area on behalf of investors and for myself.  I personally own and manage 24 of them which are all rented out to local people.

As a sole trader, I used to buy, renovate and rent out properties that are either Single Lets or Multi Lets to people in Coventry and in the general Warwickshire area. This is how I built up my investment property portfolio.

Eight months ago, I set up Embrace Property Ltd to offer Property Sourcing and Educational training courses and mentorships to people who, under my expert guidance and with my knowledge, want to learn how to become Property Investors.

Embrace Property four main services:

  1. Property Sourcing & Property Investment Portfolio Building.
  2. Property Educational Courses.
  3. Mentorship Programmes.
  4. Property Management & Maintenance Service.

In June 2009 I became a full-time property investor and started my own property business. During the following four years I built up my own multi million pound property portfolio and then, because of demand, I began to source properties for other investors who wanted to get into property investing but did not know where to find the right type of properties to be investing in order to rent out to generate income.

I set up Embrace Property Ltd in August 2013, to specialise in the sourcing, purchasing and refurbishing of properties to satisfy the huge rental demand that there is in the Coventry and Warwickshire areas. The accommodation that I provide caters for people from all walks of life, be they White collar workers, Blue collar workers, Students or LHA/DSS renters. I am especially proud of the educational arm of Embrace Property where I teach people how to invest wisely in the right types of properties in the right areas in order to build a very profitable property portfolio for themselves, which can generate in excess of 23% Return on Investment from a single property. My teaching is done through Courses that I personally present, through Mentorships, 1:1 Consultancy and holding events and seminars.  If I can do it, believe me I can teach anybody else to do what I have done.


- Peter Iwaniszewski


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