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Delayed Gratification- A good or bad thing?

Delayed gratification is a concept that is not always followed by a lot of people. You know the drill, your friend gets a pay rise at work, or maybe inherits some money, (there are many other scenarios as well) […]

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Interest rates have risen, what now?

Interest rates have risen, what now?
So, we knew it was going to happen at some point and we are now being told that interest rates are very likely to rise again next year.
So, what does this mean?
Well some people think […]

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Where should I invest, locally or further afield?

One of the most popular questions we are asked is where should I invest, and should I invest locally or further afield?
Now we certainly never advise someone to invest in a certain town or city as each investor has […]

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Can you still profit from simple buy to let properties?

It’s interesting that many of the new and seasoned investors we have spoken to recently seem not to think so. They say things to me like ‘if you want good cash flow you need to buy an HMO’ or ‘the […]

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Autumn Statement: Stamp Duty Land Tax Update

Written by our recommended Tax specialist Nigel Reynolds from Reynoldsandco.
At present we only have the Chancellor’s speech, the Blue Book and Treasury statements to work from and they are very sketchy.  What we know is that the increase in Stamp Duty Land […]

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