Invest for cash flow and return - capital growth is the icing on the cake

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Invest for cash flow and return - capital growth is the icing on the cake

I certainly cannot stress this particular point enough and it is a point that all successful property and business people follow diligently. Back before the crash in 2008, we were in a rising market where property prices were going up every year and investors were being able to buy properties and re-mortgage them straight away, in some cases the same day. This was seen as a fantastic time to invest and property was hot in the media and on TV, with many programmes on how to profit in the rental market, and how to buy and sell for profit....

What are the main points that a Joint Venture Partner is looking for from you?

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Joint Venture is a term used when two or more individuals come together on a project. Joint venture investments are common in property to help grow an investor’s property portfolio when they may not have the funds themselves, but do have expert property knowledge. It can seem hard finding those partner lenders to begin with, and ensuring that they can trust you with their funds may seem a difficult task. 

Different investors will all be looking for different things but below are some of the main things that an investor will be looking for from you.

Credibility: A Potential Joint Venture partner...

What are the big things that may affect us as investors in 2018?

Thursday, 21 December 2017

There are a number of things that could possibly affect us next year good and bad, and below is a list of some of the main ones so we can plan ahead.

1) Rents are expected to rise by the highest rate for 5 years. Evidence from the property managers at Embrace property lettings where we manage hundreds of tenants leads us to believe this could be at least 10% in the Midlands for 2017. Less new landlords are buying, many having being put off by the 3% stamp duty surcharge and inability offset all mortgage payments against rent for tax purposes. This lack of supply balanced against continuing immigration is...

Delayed Gratification- A good or bad thing?

Friday, 3 November 2017

DELAYED GRATIFICATIONDelayed gratification is a concept that is not always followed by a lot of people. You know the drill, your friend gets a pay rise at work, or maybe inherits some money, (there are many other scenarios as well) and decides to go straight out and buy a new car, or new wardrobe and expensive holiday. This in my opinion is not the best way and delayed gratification is something that should be adhered to for a period of time.

So what is this?The definition of delayed gratification, or deferred gratification, is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later,...

Here you will find the latest news on the property market, as well as investment tips on how to invest successfully.

These points will include how to:

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